Stunting and treatment for malnourished children

Stunting children partly depend on genetics, but the main cause still comes from nutritional factors and living habits. Let’s find out the reasons that lead to the consequences of stunting malnutrition children and how parents can resolve this situation for their babies.

cách chữa trị cho trẻ suy dinh dưỡng và thấp còi

1.Cause of stunting malnutrition:

Due to genetics:

Genetics accounts for 23% of the causes of stunting in children. The next generation will be about the height of their parents, or slightly taller. However, there are still many cases where parents are not very tall and still give birth to a tall child. Thus, genetic factors are not all that determine a child’s height.

nguyên nhân trẻ suy dinh dưỡng

Babies born prematurely, lacking additional breast milk at the beginning of life:

  • The mother or baby gets sick in the fetal stage, causing the baby to slow down while still a fetus
  • Your baby is born prematurely
  • In some cases, mothers had obstructed milk, lacked milk, and their babies had to wean their babies early

All of which lead to stunting of malnourished children

Children with infectious diseases:

  • Babies suffering from respiratory, asthma, digestive, .. especially in children who do not have enough breast milk will be more susceptible to diseases than other children. When sick, the baby still has anorexia, fussy eating, slow growth
  • The antibiotics in the medicine not only destroy the germs that are harmful to the body, but also kill the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract leading to a prolonged gastrointestinal disturbance, which makes children anorexia and food. Eating is not fully absorbed.

Diet is not guaranteed:

  • Children are not provided with adequate nutrients, especially micronutrients, to help them develop a good height.
  • Children often suffer from digestive disorders for many reasons (diet, disease, …) that prevent them from absorbing nutrients, especially lack of vitamins necessary for height development such as calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A …

We can all see that genetics is not the only factor affecting a child’s height, but mainly in the way of eating, diet can help babies absorb nutrients to grow up.

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2.The stunting situation of Vietnam

What are the consequences of stunting in children with malnutrition?

  • Affect the physical and intellectual development, the quality of the race, and at the same time, the young are easily obese due to the low height.
  • In the long term, stunted children are not promptly intervened, and when adults are short, they are also more susceptible to diseases than normal children. Along with the ability to work, labor is also worse.

Alarming fact:

Viet Nam’s average post-maturity height is much lower than that of other countries in the region. Many experts are concerned that stunting malnutrition has led to stunting in Vietnamese children as adults.

Don’t worry, stunting malnourished children can still reach their maximum height in adulthood if their parents detect them early and treat them properly. To be able to detect the early signs of a child’s stunting, carefully observe the child’s development:

About height:

  • Fetal stage: If the baby is undernourished or is born prematurely, the risk of stunting is very high. Take good care of the health of mothers and babies during pregnancy to avoid health effects on children in the future.
  • Stage from birth to 2 years: Right from birth, parents need to measure the child’s length. This number reflects a child’s developmental status. This is also the stage when the child “grows fast like blowing” so nutrition for children under 2 years old needs special attention.
  • Pre-puberty and puberty: for girls from 8-14 years old, boys from 9-16 years old are the stage of “pulling the legs”. Girls after the first menstrual period, boys after 18 years of age will be very difficult to grow taller.


Like height, the child’s weight has a very strong growth rate, especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy, in the first 3 years after birth and the adolescent age 12-20 years old. This is also a problem that bothers parents: children disappear, don’t gain weight, look thin, even lack nutrition, not as big as friends.

3.Solution for stunting

Symptoms parents should look for to prevent stunting in children:

  • Children anorexia or less appetite.
  • Frequent digestive disorders: diarrhea, constipation, severe irregularities, …
  • Children often cry, less active and slow to walk.
  • Slow weight gain, height for 2 – 3 months.
  • Difficulty sleeping, startled sleep, or fussy.
  • “Rice grain” on nails: baby’s nails are not pink, but there are white grains like rice grains
  • Thin hair, easy to lose, dry skin.
  • Weakened immune system, susceptible to infectious diseases

giải pháp cho trẻ suy dinh dưỡng

Solution to improve stunting malnutrition in children:

Gradually increase protein and calorie intake:

With malnourished stunting children, mothers need to increase the amount of calories and protein more than normal needs to quickly restore the nutritional status of the child. It is recommended to use foods of animal origin such as eggs, meat, milk, fish, shrimp, crab … and can use proteins of plant origin such as beans, beans, peanuts, sesame.

Add grease, chopped food, cook soft

Grease provides twice the energy of starch and protein. In addition, when preparing baby food, mothers should also pay attention to chopping the food, cooking it softly, and seasoning it to suit the child’s taste.

Split into several small meals and improve anorexia

The key to stunting malnutrition is the child’s anorexia, leading to nutritional deficiencies

Instead of giving children 3 meals a day, mothers can divide them into 5-6 smaller meals and feed them with dinner before bed. During the main meal, if the child eats less than half a cup, the mother can give the baby extra snacks to fit the baby’s strength and reduce the loss of appetite.

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Add micronutrients impacting height

  • Calcium: Calcium-rich foods include milk, cheese, dairy products, dark green vegetables, soy products, fish,….
  • Zinc: Zinc helps to increase absorption, increase protein synthesis, cell division, and increase appetite. Zinc also interacts with important hormones involved in bone growth. Foods rich in zinc include red meats, some seafood, whole grains, and some instant cereals fortified with zinc.
  • Vitamin D: In nature, very few foods have significant amounts of vitamin D, including some fish liver oils, liver and animal fats. Foods rich in vitamin D help enhance calcium absorption, strengthen bones and grow well. Children need to increase exercise outdoors and use foods rich in vitamin D and calcium.

Why choose Bavabi Oyster Soup?

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