Share the secret on how to make a very simple and delicious oyster soup at home

We all know oysters have health benefits. This is a weldable food, rich in nutrients for children, the elderly and healthy adults, especially with the effect of enhancing the physiology of both men and women. Oyster bowl is a dish made from oysters that is delicious and easy to eat but still retains all the valuable nutrients in oysters.

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1.The nutritional value of oysters:

Oysters are rich in unsaturated fats, proteins, carbohydrates and sources of vitamins A, C, B vitamins, vitamin D, iron, zinc, phosphorus….

Despite its high protein content, the cholesterol in oysters is very low (in 100g of oyster meat only contains 70 calories), suitable for those who are dieting.

Especially the physiological enhancement effect of oysters: oysters are the animals that contain the most zinc content, compared to other seafood and animal meats. Zinc is essential for the regeneration of testosterone – a hormone that aids in the regulation of physical and physiological functions. In addition, oysters have a kidney tonic effect, so it also reduces unwanted conditions in women, enhances female physiology. It can be said, oysters are good seafood for both men and women.

In addition, oysters also have a blood tonic effect, strengthen the immune system, and prevent osteoporosis for children and the elderly. The vitamins and minerals in oysters also boost metabolism, which are extremely healthy and good for everyone’s digestion.

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2.How to make oyster hole:

To be able to make about 600g of oyster shrimp, must buy about 1kg of oyster meat. You can choose to buy fresh oysters or fresh shells, which are available in supermarkets.

Choice of fresh oysters:

  • Observe carefully the oyster shell: Choose oyster shells that have the tip, their shells must close tightly to ensure oysters are fresh, have a lot of meat and keep the water content inside.
  • Check the oyster meat: When the shell is removed, the oyster meat adheres and fills the oyster shell, containing a lot of sea salt, this is a fresh oyster.

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While choosing to buy oysters you should pay attention to avoid buying the following:

  • Try tapping on the uncooked oyster, if it doesn’t sound, the oyster is dead.
  • Don’t buy oysters that are easily peelable, these are dead oysters.
  • Oysters that do not contain water are oysters that are no longer fresh.
  • Oysters have eggs, the meat will be bitter, not delicious.

Preliminary processing oysters to make shrimp:

  • Wash mud and soil on oyster shells thoroughly by scrubbing the shells thoroughly with a brush. Thanks to that, moss, dirt will be removed, when peeled, bacteria are not cross-contaminating the oyster meat.
  • The peeling process needs to be done by hand, skillfully so as not to break the shell, debris mixes with the meat, affecting the quality of the roll.
  • Wash the oyster meat with dilute salt water to remove the oil

Processing oyster shrimp:

  • Marinate oysters with spices to suit family tastes. In particular, oysters are salty so they are not salted / fishy.
    Stir-fry and then dry.
  • After oysters have dried, move through the yarn tearing stage, depending on preference that can strip small or larger fibers.
  • Put the pan on the stove, wait for the pan to heat, lower the heat to a very small amount, put the shredded oysters into the pan, stirring thoroughly to let the oyster cavity dry completely. If the oyster portion is too much, it can be divided into 2
  • phases. Or you can dry the oyster cavity in the oven, which will save much more effort.
  • After oysters have been completely dried, let them cool down and then divide them into a glass jar or bag to eat gradually. Oysters can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 month.

Instructions for use and storage of oysters

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– The oyster bowl can be eaten directly or eaten with rice, porridge, sticky rice, cake, … or can be used as a snack for children.

– Unused sauces should be stored in a tightly closed jar and stored at -4 degrees C and used within 3 months.

Above is a detailed guide on how to make oyster soup. The finished oyster bowl will have cotton fibers, light sponges, small soft, easy to eat, especially for young children. Delicious and nutritious oyster bowl, easy to use, suitable in all meals. Please add oyster shrimp to enrich dishes and especially add a perfect choice when building your baby’s snack menu.

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