Bavabi Salted shredded oyster media

Ingredients: selected from Pacific Oysters with high nutritional standards of 10-12 raw oysters/ kg, is a specialty of Van Don, Quang Ninh province. Bavabi oyster farming area is mainly located in Ban Sen island commune with completely clean natural, not polluted, strictly controlled from breeds, culture environment is periodically observed, culture process and control time of harvest.

Processing: Using advanced technology processing, sterilized at a temperature of 121 degrees Celsius to turn the soft oyster meat, high water-ratio oysters into Salted shredded oyster delicious, protein-rich, zinc, calcium, DHA and EPA, the production process complies with 5S standards

Product specification: Instant food stored in normal temperature for 12 months, jar of 100g and 150g

Standards: ISO9001-2 015, 10160- HACCP

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