(Consultation) Where to buy good quality oyster shrimp?

Rich in nutritional value, bringing many health benefits and easy to use, the oyster bowl has become one of the wise choices of modern housewives. However, where to buy oyster shrimp, where is both delicious and quality, not everyone knows? Let Bavabi help you choose the best address to buy oyster shrimp for the whole family!

1.How is oyster medicine produced and processed?

Want to know where to buy delicious oyster shrimp, the quality should depend on the origin of the raw materials and the production, processing and preservation of the product. Below is the process of processing Bavabi oyster shrimp, women can refer to:

Fresh oysters, full of meat

50% of oyster leaf quality is determined by quality of raw materials, particularly oysters. Accordingly, oysters need to ensure the conditions of freshness, full age (5-6 months), full and thin shells to produce delicious shrimp, high nutritional content.

Bavabi oyster bowls are raised on the coast of Van Don, Quang Ninh, where there is a clean, natural, nutritious marine environment that ensures the best conditions for oysters to grow and develop. Oysters are grown in a controlled farming area, harvested when they are old enough to have the highest quality of meat, then use modern deep processing technology to retain their delicious taste and valuable nutritional value. prices from natural oysters.

Oyster bowl does not use chemicals, pasta, preservatives

Because Oysters are mollusks, they do not have long fibers. Therefore, the ratio of oyster shrimp to Bavabi is 20-30%, the remaining 1% is Van Don fish sauce, sugar and salt. Absolutely do not use chemicals, additives, pasta or preservatives.

With this blending method, oysters are not only safe but also keep the natural sweetness, reduce fishy smell, and add protein and other essential nutrients to the body.

Oyster bowl is pasteurized under temperature 100 degrees C

To keep the oyster sack long without using preservatives, Bavabi applied the method of pasteurization below 100 degrees C after canning. This method will prevent bacteria and fungi from attacking the shrimp bowl, helping to preserve the shrimp better. Specifically, the oyster bowl will be stored for 6 months at normal temperature, when used (open the lid), if stored at -4 degrees C, store for 3 months, store in the refrigerator cooler (4 -8 degrees C) then stored for 7 days.

2. Where to buy delicious, safe and quality oyster shrimp?

Oysters are rich in nutritional value, very good for the development of children (bones, teeth, brain, eyes …), the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses, the elderly. Not only that, the oyster bowl also has a mild aroma, cottony, fluffy, spongy properties, easy to use with rice, porridge or bread, which is very popular with children.

Currently, in Vietnam, Bavabi (Pacific Oyster Soup) is the first and only unit that produces and distributes oyster shrimp for the entire domestic market. The product not only conquered housewives and consumers, but was also ranked 5-star after many years in Quang Ninh OCOP program.

Where to buy Bavabi oyster shrimp?

Bavabi oyster bowl was present at:

  • Big C supermarket
  • Supermarket Vinmart
  • Uncle Tom clean food system
  • Sea wolf clean food and seafood
  • Mother and baby shop system Bump and baby baby

And sold online on the Tiki e-commerce site.

Hopefully, the above sharing has helped women to understand the production process of oyster sauces as well as to know where to buy oyster shrimp to ensure quality. If you need to buy Bavabi oyster shrimp, you can find the above addresses, order online or call Hotline 1900 232 325 for advice on the best purchase.

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