What nutrients do 1 year old baby’s diet need?

Nutrition for a 1-year-old baby needs a variety of substances because this is considered an important milestone, a premise for the development of the baby’s condition and health in the future. If you do not know what nutrients are needed for your baby, do not miss this article!

1.What nutrients do 1 year old baby need?

Entering the 1 year old stage, the child’s diet will also be much different from the previous time. The reason is that at this time the baby’s energy needs are higher, the baby is also well acquainted with the weaning diet. Therefore, mothers need to have a balanced nutritional plan to provide enough necessary nutrients, creating a good premise for the baby to develop comprehensively in both height and weight.

Here are the basic nutrients needed in a 1-year-old baby’s diet that mothers need to know:


From 1 year old, baby’s starch demand ranges from 90-100g / meal, each day babies need to provide 3 meals. Starch comes from rice, porridge, pasta, noodles, pho …


A 1-year-old baby’s diet needs to provide 20-25% protein. The source of protein mother can supplement for your baby include meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans, tofu …


Fat accounts for 30-40% of a 1-year-old’s nutritional diet. Common sources of fat that mothers can put into their baby’s daily menu include cooking oil, fish, chicken, butter, whole cow milk …


At the age of changing the diet, mothers need to pay attention to adding fiber to the baby’s menu to minimize and avoid constipation. Fiber is supplied from vegetables and fruits.


Calcium not only helps strong bones, but it also helps calm the nervous system. Mom can find calcium common in foods such as shrimp, fish, oysters …


Zinc is a constituent of many solvents in the brain. Therefore, mothers do not ignore zinc if you want your child to develop a good brain. Notable sources of zinc-rich foods include oysters, tofu, oranges, mushrooms, clams, and jelly …


Iron works to form red blood cells, bringing oxygen to the brain. Iron is found in pig liver, jelly, sesame, beans, tofu …

Vitamins (A, B, C, K, E …)

Finally, mothers need to pay attention to the group of vitamins, they appear in fruits, vegetables, nuts …

Food should be minimized in the diet for a 1 year old baby

In addition to providing adequate nutrients, mothers also need to pay attention to minimize some bad foods, which can cause the baby to be overweight, obese, and potentially dangerous diseases for health.

  • Foods rich in fat and sugar
  • Salty foods
  • Oily fish
  • Peanut

2. Oyster medicine – recipes for nutritional supplements for babies to develop healthy.

One year, the baby begins to get used to the weaning diet. Therefore, at this time, the mother was able to familiarize her baby with many different dishes and cooking methods. With outstanding nutritional content, rich in zinc, oyster soup is the choice of many mothers today.

Nutritional content in 100g oyster soup, mothers need to know:

  • Energy: 350-450 kcal
  • Protein: 40-50g
  • Lipid: 10-13g
  • Phosphorus: 440-460mg
  • DHA: 10-15g
  • EPA: 18-20g
  • Sugar: 2-3g

Currently, Bavabi oyster rupees are the only brand of oyster rupees in Vietnam. After “healing”, Bavabi oyster shrimp bowl has received the trust of many mothers at home and abroad. In addition to the criteria of rich nutrition, quality and safety of the product are also factors that make Bavabi conquer “difficult” mothers when looking for food for their children because:

  • Oysters are grown in a controlled farming area in accordance with the farming process of the Ministry of Agriculture and
  • Rural Development, the breeds are strictly controlled, the farming environment is periodically sampled.
  • Modern deep processing technology helps to retain the precious nutrients from natural oysters.
  • The product is manufactured on a semi-automatic advanced machinery line to ensure food hygiene and safety, sterilized by modern technology and can be stored and used at room temperature for 9 months without any type of ordinary torches.
  • Bavabi oyster shrimp has been tested for quality in Japan (one of the most demanding countries in terms of product quality control) with the following criteria: no chemicals, no preservatives, no pasta, colorless
  • Bavabi oyster bowl for 5 years 3 consecutive years ranked 5 stars in the OCOP program of Quang Ninh.

Not only nutritious and safe, Bavabi oyster shrimp paste is also mixed with shrimp shrimp and meat sausages to create a delicious taste that is hard to resist, stimulating the taste of babies. Each fiber is spongy, chewy and sweet will bring interesting experiences for your baby to eat. With oyster soup mother can feed the baby with rice, add to soup, porridge or bread, rice cake, banh beo … extremely convenient.

Bavabi oyster bowl was present at:

  • Big C supermarket
  • Supermarket Vinmart
  • Uncle Tom clean food system
  • Sea wolf clean food and seafood
  • Mother and baby shop system Bump and baby baby

And sold online on the Tiki e-commerce site.

Thus, a 1-year-old baby’s nutrition regimen needs a variety of nutrients to catch up with the baby’s development. Therefore, mothers need to know how to find and supplement delicious and nutritious foods for children, such as Bavabi oyster shrimp. In addition to the above addresses, Bavabi Hotline 1900. 232. 325 is always available 24/24 to support mothers for their children to experience this convenient instant product with the taste of the sea.

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