BAVABI  is  the leading company for deep processing of seafood  including  multiple specialize firms  based on oyster industry such as BAVAFarm (hatchery, farming structure), BAVAFood with deep processing of oysters,  BAVAGift with Kiosk system to bring local special product to tourist, BAVAFarmStay with special experience tour services in farming areas. With more than 40 staff members, of which 15 are professional engineers, master of sciences, food engineers, biochemical engineers, economist, technicians, BAVABI can meet the competitive demand of market of domestic and export.


In the southeast of the land famous for Smile – Quang Ninh, there is a cloudy village embracing the mountain called Van Don – a mountainous island district but is bestowed by nature for a wide sea with over 600 islands. Where shrimps, squid, oysters, peanuts, sea clams, … living and giving rich and abundant seafood resources.

Appreciate the invaluable gift of the land, the son of Van Don – BAVABI embraces a desire to build the local specialties from the seafood resources, which come from the nature. Fish and shrimp, espeically milk oysters, but will bring their own substances, it deserves four words “homeland specialties” – Traditional meal of Vietnamese national identity but processed by modern technology.


The first ideas about the dream “Homeland specialties” began to be rekindled with the oyster of Van Don in 2012. As a species of aquatic, considered to be the essence of the sea, milk oysters contain high protein sources and many Amino acids, zinc and vitamins, but oysters have a characteristic fishy taste, soft and easily crushed meat, so the problem of making nutritious food for daily meals faced many challenges. Difficult not less, but aspiration and love for the homeland has not yet calmed. Enduring for days and days, hundreds of experiments to remove the fishy taste with traditional Vietnamese spices and research on stir-fry technology are done non-stop. Until 2014, the project “Researching the technology of processing Pacific Oyster into dried oysters, spiced oysters and oysters in Quang Ninh” succeeded with BAVABI – Sea Treasures.

It is a salty story of the sea, salty of the heart of the founder and the people of the fishing village of Van Don. So, BAVABI is the chorus of the desire to bring Van Don specialties along the country and reach the world in five years. The people of Van Don island district will fulfill the mind of bringing the treasure of the sea to the daily life of many more people, bringing the local identity further away every day. Coming to Quang Ninh, you will receive lots of hospitable smiles because “Smile” is sincere and simple joy. Coming to Van Don, BAVABI is its own nature and smile in its own way.


The people of Van Don island district aspire to bring Van Don seafood into specialties along the country and reach the world in five years. Let the treasures of the sea come to the daily lives of more people, bringing the local identity further away every day. From the specialties of the sea and the creativity of human beings, we create delicious and nutritious salted shredded from oyster, mussel, mantis shrimp and Oyster Spring roll and the future is oyster packaging products like smoked oysters, energy drinks, cakes, fast food … are the specialties of BAVABI from the quintessence of Van Don sea which we want to send them to you. BAVABI put all their enthusiasm to bring all the good things from the sea which everyone happily enjoy.


From the effortlessness, mentality and talent of human being, we bring you BAVABI specialties, in return for the satisfaction and sustainable relationships form the valued partners. BAVABI is the essence of the sea which bring to you from the essence of the people of the village of the Quang Ninh, the products of daily hard working. For us, the sea is a boat full of shrimps and fishes, a raft of oysters between the vast blue sea, calm and warm sunshine. BAVABI is not only a business but also the people who works so hard every day in processing factories to have the best products in the kitchen of every house with these target:

    • Considering the employees as the most s assets
    • Put the word MIND – INTELLIGENT & CREATIVE – REPUTATION & FAITH as the foundation
    • Customer satisfaction is a measure of success
    • Building sustainable relationships, humanities with valued partners

With the goal of “Concentricity to create miracles”, BAVABI is always oriented, developing into a leading Salted shredded company in Vietnam, bringing exciting experience to customers about traditional salted shredded products of the Vietnamese homeland with advanced technology.

THE VISION: Creating the large-scale company with an ecosystem-based local special product with awareness of cultural through the local quintessence in Vietnam.

MISSION: Share the quintessence, awareness of cultural

QUALITY GUARANTEED: The BAVABI’s services  and  products  quality  originate  from  diversified  and  profound  knowledge  of skilled  and  qualified  multi-sector.  They are researchers, finance and socio-economics experts, specialists in the fields of food Engineering and information technology.